About Our Company

The enterprise environment is fast pivoting towards Value creation as a maxim and not an afterthought.

Let us help you do that.

Our Story

Foremost, we are strategy consultancy focusing on Value Strategy for businesses and non-profit organizations (NPOs).

Following the strong pivot in recent years towards Value creation as a critical pillar for organizations, we developed Value Innovation as a concept and as a strategic process for identifying, leveraging on and protecting Value opportunities.  

We provide accessible strategy advisory and support services, purpose-built for YOUR organization, that help you incorporate Value Strategy and Value-centred thinking into your operations, towards becoming an industry giant within your niche.

Our Mission & Vision

Our vision is normalization of Value-centred thinking within organizations as an operational standard, regardless of the age and stage of the enterprise.

Our mission is to use Value Innovation and Strategy to make organizational growth and success your reality, be you a business founded yesterday or a 50 year old non-profit.


The perspective we take is one that sets us apart from the rest:

Where most consider Value as a consequence of growth, we believe in the inverse: that growth arises as a consequence of identifying, creating and maintaining your unique Value.

Our Principal

Siya Mdingi


Siya Mdingi is a Value Innovation and Value Strategy specialist with expertise in business strategy and value creation. She has a background in sales & sales strategy, client relationship management, and advisory board service experience.

After spending a few years in the corporate sphere, Siya noted that organizations often struggled to capture and apply the concept of Value within their operations. With the value proposition being one of the keystone pillars of the business model canvas, such organizations would find themselves severely disadvantaged when they tried to drive growth for themselves.

This prompted her to found Vivre Consulting, where with the insights she gained and her expertise, she now helps organizations find their Value voice to become industry giants in their niches.