Our Approach to Value Strategy

The Vivre Approach makes developing and implementing Value Strategy easy by providing detailed insights into your organization’s internal and external environment, including where and how value can be created within those spheres.

Our Approach, broken down

The Vivre Approach is our unique method for building out and implementing Value Strategy within organizations.

We spread our work over the 3 stages of the Value Innovation process:

The Value Innovation Process

Within the Mapping and Design stage, we use our specialized Vivre Value Strategy Framework to scour your internal and external enterprise environment for value creation opportunities:

The Vivre Value Mapping Framework

Using the insights from the Mapping, we design the Value Strategy, a plan of action for value capture, with your organization’s current capacity taken into consideration.



Clarity on currently available organizational capacity


Clarity on organizational strategic objectives


Identification of Value creation opportunities in your organization's internal and external environment


Introduction of Value-centered thinking within your activities


Implementation of Value Strategy, and Value Strategy continuity planning

How We Work with You

Here’s an overview of what you and your organization can expect within the Vivre Approach:



We begin our process with you by assessing¬†your organization’s current situation and available capacity

We then establish the objectives you would like the Value Strategy to see to, and how you and your organization would like to move forward



We proceed with the meat of the Value Innovation process, comprising of:

  • Infrastructure Identification to pinpoint the elements that support value within your organization,

  • Value Mapping to identify value opportunities using our Value Mapping Framework

  • Value Strategy design¬†that helps you capture those value opportunities


Lastly, we build execution plans for Value Strategy implementation, tailor-made to your organization’s operations and activities

To safeguard your valuable gains following successful implementation, we develop Value Strategy continuity plans which ensure that your new Value Strategy becomes a part of your operations, in perpetuity.