Value Innovation: your newest tool for progress


Bolster growth and become an industry giant in your niche by building Value Innovation strategies into your organization.

Value Innovation, explained

Value Innovation is a novel approach to strategic thinking we developed for organizations to identify, capture and maximize Value within their activities. 

The jewel in Value Innovation’s crown is Value Strategy, wherein we:

  • Identify elements in your internal operational environment and external business environment that support Value creation,
  • Map Value creation opportunities within these environments and designing strategies to capture that Value, and
  • Develop implementation and execution plans to capture that Value, both now and in perpetuity

Responsive Strategy, done better

Are any of these scenarios happening within your enterprise?


"We have no idea how our Value Proposition connects to our operations"


"We don't know how to find opportunities for value creation for our organization"


"We're having a tough time creating responsive organizational strategies that support our operations"


"We've been experiencing sluggish or reduced growth, and we're looking for strategies to improve this"

We use Value Innovation and Value Strategy to make this easier for you.


“I have started two businesses successfully thanks to the insights I got from Vivre. Gaining an understanding of the Value Proposition as a concept, its importance and how to apply it to my companies' strategies gave me the confidence I needed to get them off the ground.”

— Andulela Suka, Hospitality Renaissance 

"With Vivre, I discovered the importance of operating my NPO like a business. Vivre helped us develop operational strategies that centered value, and gave us a much needed boost to get us out of the slump we were experiencing."

— Lerato Moloi, Silikamva Support Programme