Value Innovation: your newest tool for progress


Bolster growth and become an industry giant in your niche by building Value Innovation strategies into your operations.

Value Innovation, explained

Value Innovation is a novel strategic approach we developed for organizations to identify, capture and maximize Value within their operations.

The Value Innovation process proceeds as follows:

  1. Identifying the elements that support your organization’s Value creation within its internal operational environment and external business environment,
  2. Mapping the Value creation opportunities within these environments and designing strategies to capture that Value, and
  3. Developing execution plans to capture that Value, both now and in perpetuity

Responsive Strategy, done better

Organizations are now under greater pressure than ever before to generate value, and many are finding it particularly difficult to:


Identify opportunities for value creation, internally and externally


Create innovative and responsive organizational strategies that support growth


Build value creation directly into their strategies

We make it easier.

Value Infrastructure Definition

We help you clarify those elements that support your organization’s value creation to set you on the path to identifying value

Value Mapping

We map out value creation opportunities within your organization’s internal and external environment and develop a blueprint for Value Innovation using our Value Mapping Framework

Value Strategy Design

With the Value Innovation blueprint in mind, we design Value-driven strategy execution plans tailor made for your operations

Implementation Support

We support your organization as you undertake your strategy execution, from cradle to grave

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“I have started two businesses successfully thanks to the insights I got from Vivre. Gaining an understanding of the Value Proposition as a concept, its importance and how to apply it to my companies' strategies gave me the confidence I needed to get them off the ground.”

— Andulela Suka, Hospitality Renaissance 

"With Vivre, I discovered the importance of operating my NPO like a business. Vivre helped us develop operational strategies that centered value, and gave us a much needed boost to get us out of the slump we were experiencing."

— Lerato Moloi, Silikamva Support Programme