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At Vivre Consulting, we believe that every enterprise, regardless of size or standing, has an unmistakable value that deserves to be showcased to all. 

As such, our mission is to guide enterprise leaders towards clarity on their UNIQUE value propositions and the incorporation of Value-centred thinking within their business activities.

Areas of Expertise

Value Proposition Consulting

Within this area of focus, we consult with enterprise leaders to facilitate their understanding and communication of their UNIQUE value proposition.

Business Unit Value Synergy

Upon the understanding of the enterprise’s value proposition being established, we help leaders explore the synergy

Value-Centred Crisis Communication

In this arena, we guide enterprise leaders towards adapting their communication styles to protect their value in times of crisis.

Value-Centered Change Communication

In this sphere, we help enterprise leaders scrutinise their change communication strategies, and consult on how best to center value conservation



The UNIQUE Value Proposition: “But Why?”


Business Unit Value Synergy: An NPO Usage Case Study


Value Centred Crisis Communication: A Primer

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