Vivre consulting

Value-Centered Strategy Consultants for Emerging Enterprises

Vivre Consulting in a strategy consultancy specializing in guiding emerging enterprises towards becoming industry giants in their respective niches.

We help small-to-medium businesses and non-profit organizations achieve Value driven performance by establishing, reviewing and refining their business, functional and operational strategic practices.

Areas of Expertise

Value Proposition Consulting

Within this area of focus, we consult with enterprise leaders to facilitate their understanding and communication of their UNIQUE value proposition

Business Strategy Consulting

In this area, we help emerging enterprises establish Value-centered business strategy to improve their enterprise performance

Functional Strategy Consulting

In this sphere, we provide solutions around refining the day-to-day activities of the enterprise, and introducing Value-centered thinking at this level of operations 

Operational Strategy Consulting

We provide solutions that improve upon the operational activities of the enterprise at every stage of its lifecycle



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Value Centred Crisis Communication: A Primer

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