Value Centred Crisis Communication: A Primer

A crisis is an event, or series of events, that bring about a time of increased sensitivity around your enterprise. Very different from daily issues, a crisis has the potential to completely wreck your enterprise if not handled properly. 

The way your enterprise handles crises determines how your UNIQUE value is impacted, for better or for worse. Crisis gives your clients/stakeholders a chance to see if you are true as dedicated to providing the value you claim.

If the crisis is handled poorly, your clients/stakeholders may lose faith in your enterprise and completely disbelieve your value proposition. If handled well, client/stakeholder confidence in your enterprise is boosted, which has the added benefit of providing social proof of your dedication to providing value consistently.

The best way to survive a crisis is by acknowledging the crisis to your clients/stakeholders, resolving the issues completely, and communicating openly and consistently throughout.

During a crisis, your clients/shareholders hyper-focus on whatever is going wrong and begin to make associations between that and your value proposition. This is a scenario you must resolve before or as it starts happening, by incorporating reminders of your value proposition into your communications with your clients/stakeholders and moving decisively to right the perceived wrong.

By doing this, you create positive associations of the crisis within your clients’ minds and the more they see you working hard to resolve the issue, the better the associations become. Be sure to act promptly and with compassion!

As part of our service offering, Vivre Consulting offers consulting services to small-to-medium businesses and non-profit organizations to direct them towards establishing value-centered crisis communication, tailor-made for their own operations.

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