The UNIQUE Value Proposition

Written by Vivre

17 September 2020

Within the context of client or stakeholder interactions, value describes the way in which you provide your offering to your client or stakeholder in a manner that is meaningful to them. 

Correspondingly, the Value Proposition is a statement of how you can provide value to your client/stakeholder.  You could consider it the “elevator pitch” for the value you can offer.

Establishing your UNIQUE Value Proposition becomes important when you find yourself in a market environment where you are competing against other enterprises that may have offerings very similar to yours. Perhaps they might be innovating far beyond your capabilities or have far larger capacity than your enterprise. In such situations, making your unique selling point (USP) the only point of center for appealing to your client/stakeholder may not be quite enough.

By slightly changing your perspective from “how can I make my offering more special?” (USP Centered) to “how can I use my offering to make my client/stakeholder feel special or better than they would without my offering?” (Value-centered), you ensure that you stay first in mind for your client and your value proposition becomes the compass that you use to consistently keep your operations in the best service of your client. 

As part of our service offering, Vivre Consulting offers consulting services to small-to-medium businesses and non-profit organizations to direct them towards discovering their UNIQUE value, and developing best practices to communicate, support and protect that value in their operations.

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