Value Proposition Consulting

Within this area of focus, we consult with enterprise leaders to facilitate their understanding and communication of their UNIQUE value proposition. Here, the true value of the business or NPO is explored, with insights into the below being gained:

Why was this enterprise started in the first place?

What is most valuable about the enterprise that is unlike any other?

How can I as a business owner/NPO founder fully connect to my value proposition?

How can I convey and communicate this value in a way that both I AND my clients will buy into?

Value-Centred Crisis Communication

In this arena, we guide enterprise leaders towards adapting their communication styles to protect their value in times of crisis. Here, enterprise leaders gain insight into what constitutes a crisis for their business or organization and how best to protect the value they provide to their stakeholders in times of crisis. Insights into the below are gained

What does my company consider a crisis? (i.e. crisis vs. complaints)

What do my crisis management and communication process look like?

How do I close out a crisis, and how do I communicate that to my clients or stakeholders?

How can I convey and communicate this value in a way that both I AND my clients will buy into?

Business Unit Value Synergy

Upon the understanding of the enterprise’s value proposition being established, we help leaders explore the synergy between this value and the enterprise’s business unit activities in this area of focus.  Here, the manner the business units support or erode the UNIQUE value proposition is explored, and how with insights into the below being gained:

How does each of my business units individually and collectively support and enhance my value proposition?

Are there operational gaps that chip at my value proposition?

Value-Centred Change Communication

In this sphere, we help enterprise leaders scrutinise their change communication strategies, and consult on how best to center value conservation in their communications to stakeholders during times of change. Insight into the below are gained:

How do I usually communicate with my clients?

How best can I communicate that the value is given will not be eroded during and after the changes have been affected?

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