Value Proposition Consulting

We consult with enterprise leaders to facilitate their understanding and communication of their UNIQUE value proposition. 

Our Value Proposition consulting services guide small businesses and NPOs towards a deeper understanding of the Unique Value their enterprises provide.

  • Value Proposition creation
    • What is most valuable about the enterprise that is unlike any other?
  • Value refinement analysis
    • How can I as a business owner/NPO founder fully connect to my value proposition?
    • How can I convey and communicate this value in a way that both I AND my clients will buy into?

Business Strategy Consulting

We help emerging enterprises establish Value-centered business strategy to improve their enterprise performance

  • Business strategy analysis
    • Is my enterprise’s current business plan and strategy still viable or appropriate?
    • Do I need to reexamine how my individual business units are contributing to enterprise success?
  • Competitive strategy analysis and review
    • Do we need to consolidate our place in our market? How can we do this?
    • Is our competitive strategy keeping up with changes in the market environment?
  • Value-centered change communication
    • How do I usually communicate with my clients?
    • How best can I communicate that the value is given will not be eroded during and after the changes have been affected?

Functional strategy consulting

We provide solutions around refining the day-to-day processes of the enterprise, and introducing Value-centered thinking at this level of operations 

  • Functional strategy evaluation
    • Are the processes taking place in the running of my enterprise still contributing to its success?
    • Are the processes in place still appropriate after changes in the enterprise?
  • Incorporation of Value-centered thinking in Daily Operations
    • How can the Value proposition be carried through throughout my enterprise? 
  • Resource allocation audits
    • Are the resources in my enterprise being used appropriately during day-to-day activities?

Operational strategy consulting

In this sphere, we provide solutions that improve upon the operational activities of the enterprise at every stage of its lifecycle

  • Operational strategy review
    •  Are there operational gaps that chip at my value proposition? 
    • Did a sudden change in our enterprise (rapid growth, decline or reshuffle) change our operations?
  • Enterprise Value synergy establishment
    • How do each of our business/enterprise units individually and collectively support and enhance my value proposition? 
  • Value-centered change management
    • How best can we introduce changes to our operations with the least disruptions to operations?

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