Value Proposition Consulting

We consult with enterprise leaders to facilitate their understanding and communication of their UNIQUE value proposition. 

Our Value Proposition consulting services guide small businesses and NPOs towards a deeper understanding of the Unique Value their enterprises provide.

The sub-areas we cover under this sphere are:

  • Value Proposition creation
    • What is most valuable about the enterprise that is unlike any other?
  • Value refinement analysis
    • How can I as a business owner/NPO founder fully connect to my value proposition?
    • How can I convey and communicate this value in a way that both I AND my clients will buy into?

Business Strategy Consulting

In this area, we help emerging enterprises establish Value-centered business strategy to improve their enterprise performance

The sub-areas we cover under this sphere are:

  • Business strategy analysis and review
    • Is my enterprise’s current business plan and strategy still viable or appropriate?
    • Do I need to reexamine how my individual business units are contributing to enterprise success?
  • Competitive strategy analysis and review
    • Do we need to consolidate our place in our market? How can we do this?
    • Is our competitive strategy keeping up with changes in the market environment?
  • Value-centered change communication
    • How do I usually communicate with my clients?
    • How best can I communicate that the value is given will not be eroded during and after the changes have been affected?

Functional strategy consulting

In this sphere, we provide solutions around refining the day-to-day processes of the enterprise, and introducing Value-centered thinking at this level of operations 

The sub-areas we cover under this sphere are:

  • Functional strategy evaluation
    • Are the processes taking place in the running of my enterprise still contributing to its success?
    • Are the processes in place still appropriate after changes in the enterprise?
  • Incorporation of Value-centered thinking in Daily Operations
    • How can the Value proposition be carried through throughout my enterprise? 
  • Resource allocation audits
    • Are the resources in my enterprise being used appropriately during day-to-day activities?

Operational strategy consulting

Here, we provide solutions that introduce and improve operational synergy within enterprises, both within each individual business unit and cross-functionally, with the enterprise Value in mind

The sub-areas of expertise in this sphere are:

  • Operational strategy review
    •  Are there operational gaps that chip at my value proposition? 
    • Did a sudden change in our enterprise (rapid growth, decline or reshuffle) change our operations?
  • Enterprise Value synergy establishment
    • How do each of our business/enterprise units individually and collectively support and enhance my value proposition? 
  • Value-centered change management
    • How best can we introduce changes to our operations with the least disruptions to operations?

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