Our Offerings

Value Innovation…

Simply put, Value Innovation gives you the edge it needs to stay ahead of the pack within your niche, support your operations and drive growth.

With Value Strategy in your strategic toolkit, your organization gains invaluable insights tailor-made to your specific activities to create and protect Value within every arena of your enterprise.

… exactly as your enterprise needs it

We understand that organizations, like yours, are at varying stages of strategy implementation and need solutions that meet them where they are before executing brand new concepts into their operations.

To help you get acquainted with the solution best suited to your organization’s needs, we’ve organized our offerings into 3 service categories:

Strategic Frameworks Pre-Auditing

The Pre-Auditing category have solutions perfect for those organizations who need to establish their organization’s strategic infrastructure from scratch, or those who would would like to reconstruct their existing organizational strategies.

Included in this category are the following services:

    • Mission-Vision-Value Proposition Establishment
    • Business Model Canvas Design
    • Niche Definition
    • Value Chain Definition
    • Value Auditing

Value Design & Implementation

This category accomodates those whose internal strategic environment is already up, running and ready to support Value creation.

Included here is our flagship offering, “Value Strategy Mapping & Design”.

In addition, we also offer sone of the steps included the Value Mapping & Design process as separate unbundled services:

    • Value Networks and Ecosystem Identification

Post-Implementation Support

Value Strategy doesn’t end at the Implementation stage!

Like every other type of strategy, the Value Strategy must be periodically reviewed and maintained.

Within this category, we have our Post-implementation support offerings, including:

    • Continuity plan reviews
    • Value Strategy audits and revisions

Frequently asked questions

What type of enterprises are these offerings best for?

If you are a business, non-profit organization (NPO) or social impact organization looking to new ways to drive growth and sharpen your organizational strategy implementation, these offerings are tailor-made for you!

Does the age of my organization matter to work with Vivre?

Not at all! 

Our objective is to make identifying and managing Value in your enterprise simple and standard, be you a business founded yesterday or an 50 year old non-profit.

We adjust the solutions we provide to your organization to tailor-fit them to your range of operations, taking into account available capacity and the average level of experience within your operations.


Does Vivre work with social impact organizations?

Absolutely! We work with non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations and any other type of social impact organizations.

If you need to develop your Value Strategy or review and re-establish your organization’s existing strategic direction, we’re happy to help.

Can Vivre help me with refining our existing strategies?

Yes we can!

Click on the phase category that best applies to your enterprise above a visit, or pop us an email to se how we can help you!

Can you help me with my business plan and motivation?

While this is not included in our service offering, we can take a look at your business plan and help you make sense of it or refine it.

Pop us an email letting us know what your situtation is, and we’ll give it a shot!