Business Unit Value Synergy: An NPO Usage Case Study

Written by Vivre

17 September 2020

Business unit value synergy describes how each of the business units in your organization work, both individually and together, to deliver on the value of the organization.

It shows the degree of cooperation between your business units, which has a direct effect on the enterprise’s ability to deliver Value to the client. When business units act in synergy with each other and your enterprise’s Value proposition, they bolster the client’s experience with your offering and your enterprise.

Don’t let the name confuse you; business unit value synergy can also be used within non-profit organizations. For example, understanding how the administration department works individually and in collaboration with the project management team will help you understand the flow of work within and between them, chiefly helping you understand how long things take to get done and maximizing your capabilities within the departments.

That way, you know how to dig deep during “big operations” like during the grant application process, upon donor payout and meeting donor expectations.

Establishing business unit synergy has the operations-level benefits of reducing operational chaos and improving operational economy by eliminating inefficient activities. These benefits can then be passed on to your donors and stakeholders, keeping them satisfied and returning for repeat interactions.

As part of our service offering, Vivre Consulting offers consulting services to small-to-medium businesses and non-profit organizations to direct them towards establishing business unit value synergy tailor-made for their own operations.

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