Value Centered Change Communication: In Brief Study

Written by Vivre

16 September 2020

Within enterprise operations, change is defined as large-scale changes that impact or change the operations of the enterprise. Some examples could be changes in management, a merger or acquisition, the creation or dissolving or a business unit, or changes to your offering or the way it is provided. 

These kinds of changes could bring about changes in your value proposition. Your clients/stakeholders may become concerned that the value you brought before the change may be reduced or lost. 

As such, it becomes vital to understand the oncoming change, mitigate and leverage its effects both upon your enterprise and your value, all while assuring the client/stakeholder that not only will the value be protected during the course of the change but that the changes instituted will boost the value being provided. 

As part of our service offering, Vivre Consulting offers consulting services to small-to-medium businesses and non-profit organizations to direct them towards establishing value-centered crisis communication, tailor-made for their own operations.

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